Lauren & Adam, 2012

Lauren & Adam got in touch last year to ask whether we knew anyone who shot super 8 film in Scotland. 

We don't, but it may surprise you to learn that beneath this tranquil, anglicised exterior pumps the blood of a Scotsman*, much to our excitement we persuaded them to fly us up!

They were married at the beautiful Balbegno Castle - an amazing place in a picturesque corner of Kincardineshire, grand & ancient, but cosy & intimate too. It's owned by the Gladstones, the people behind Pedlars; the interiors are as beautiful as you'd expect.

The wedding party had the run of the house (castle) for a week, so the day had the kind of relaxed, familial atmosphere that you'd usually find at wedding in a family home.

Lauren & Adam were joy to be around and we had loads of fun shooting alongside the lovely & talented Lisa Devine. You can see the beautiful photos on Lisa's blog here.

* Blood contains at least 75% Scottishness.