WIRED magazine feature

My erstwhile collaborator George and I are featured in the new issue of Wired magazine! We look terribly serious...

Seriously, the rest of magazine is pretty good too - grab it from a good newsagent, or download the ipad version from the appstore.

Nice blog!

There are a mind boggling array of wedding directories and blogs out there, and most of them definitely have a CineReportage.com shaped hole in their content.

We've spent hours of our time trawling the internet for some good ones - and they seem to be quite hard to find!

Many want me us to add reciprocal links to them on here or pay them lots of money to be featured. The worst thing about them is that they don't seem to care if what we're offering is any good - there's no review process or feedback.

One lovely site that bucks the trend is: littlemisswedding.co.uk

It's a pretty, worthwhile site and everything on there is there because it's nice!

Super 8... Mon Amour

We're very excited to be featuring in "Super 8... Mon Amour" a French "Fantasy Documentary" about Super 8, told from the point of view of a camera.

It was made by the fantastically charismatic (and très, très, Francais) Remy Batteault - congratulations Remy!

We can't wait to see the full version (hopefully with subtitles), although we're somewhat dreading our own appearance. You can check out the trailer below:

Bande annonce : Super 8... mon amour ! by dariusthecat

Sticking with the French theme, we're off to Nice for the Rencontres film festival this weekend - hooray!

Super 8 champions!

When we're not making wedding films we like nothing better than to keep our eye in by entering straight 8

It's a super 8 film competition with some really tough rules - you have to shoot a film on one cartridge of super 8 up to it's maximum length of 3 minutes and 20 seconds.

There's a neat explanation here:

straight 8 receive between 100 and 200 entries every year, there's no overall winner, they just pick the best 8-12 films to premiere at Cannes Film Festival.

Together with my directing partner George I've entered every year since way back in 2005 when we were at Art School together.

Amazingly, with the help of some very talented friends, we've been selected for Cannes for 6 consecutive years.

straight 8 recently put together a bunch of little albums on their vimeo page - we're honored that they dedicated one to us: http://vimeo.com/album/1727363

p.s. as well as being much prettier, our wedding films are a lot more sane...

p.p.s. we suppose we probably could make an insane wedding film if you wanted one!


We've just launched the new and improved cinereportage.com

and to accompany it, here's the all-new Cine Reportage blog.

This will be the place to go if you want to know what we're up to and to see things that we think are good.

Like cakes and flowers, dresses, photos and bands.